Election Security

Election Security is a Partnership

Securing election infrastructure is a partnership between federal, state and local government and private sector entities. DHS collaborates with federal departments and agencies, state and local government, election officials and other valued partners such as the National Association of Secretaries of State, National Association of State Election Directors, International Association of Government Officials, National Association of Election Officials and the Elections Assistance Commission. In partnering with these officials through both new and existing engagements, DHS and the involved partners both in the public and private sector are enhancing efforts to secure election systems.

State and Local Officials Roles and Responsibilities

America’s election processes are governed and administered by state and local election officials in thousands of jurisdictions across the country who:

  • Manage and secure election infrastructure on a day-to-day basis
  • Reduce risks and ensure the integrity of elections at the state and local level
  • Administer statewide voter registration databases, required by HAVA
  • Assist local election officials by providing training courses or materials on running elections in the state
  • Provide a process for testing and certifying voting equipment for use in the state
  • Disburse funds for the procurement of updated voting equipment and improvement of election administration procedures

DHS Roles and Responsibilities

  • Share timely, actionable threat information
  • Provide cybersecurity assistance, by request
  • Foster robust processes for coordination between the election community and Homeland Security officials
  • Develop and help deploy sensors to detect malicious activity, by request

Benefits of states and DHS partnership among election infrastructure

  • Rapid identification of imminent threats that prompts a timely understanding of threat
  • Quicker communication of identified threats that enables agile defense
  • Cost-effective security force multipliers for all participants

Our Election Services

CISA’s services are available at no cost to the state and local government and officials. All services we provide are available upon request and are strictly voluntary, CISA only provides services when requested by state and local election officials.

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