PRESS RELEASE: Cloudentity and Defending Digital Campaigns Partner to Secure Public Elections –

Seattle, WA – Cloudentity, a SaaS-based provider of API identity and access management is pleased to announce a partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns[1] to protect presidential and congressional campaigns from malicious attack and misuse of their applications. The partnership provides public campaigns with free or discounted access to Cloudentity’s API security solutions.

Cloudentity’s security platform is a cloud-based solution that monitors and secures applications that rely on APIs to connect with data sources. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are commonly used in modern web and mobile applications and provide a programmatic way to transfer data between the applications and their data sources over the internet. Without protection, these connections leave applications vulnerable to outside interference by providing an entryway into the application’s sensitive data. Imagine a home where the front and back doors are locked for the night, but whose windows are left wide open. Facebook’s data breach by Cambridge Analytica is just one of many prominent examples of a breach made possible through nonsecure or open APIs.

“Campaigns are increasingly relying on technology to help organize and more effectively connect with voters when canvassing or registering voters,” said Cloudentity’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Nathanael Coffing, “but without adequate protection these applications can leave voter data up for grabs.”

“Campaigns use data from many sources to facilitate their operations. Keeping data secure as it moves is critical. Defending Digital Campaigns, with a mission to make campaigns more cybersecure, is excited to partner with Cloudentity and thrilled they joined DDC’s efforts to make the campaign ecosystem more secure.”

About Cloudentity

Cloudentity[2] is an API identity security software provider building solutions for enterprise applications to protect users, services, and APIs from misuse and abuse. Security and infrastructure teams at Fortune 500 organizations across the world rely on Cloudentity to keep their applications safe from attack. 

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